Exchange/return policy
I. Product exchange and return policy
1. Return the product
– Returned products must meet all product regulations specified in Article II.
– Products returned because the customer wants to cancel the order after receiving the goods. Only applies to spring mattresses and customers are responsible for the fees specified in Article III.
– Return period is 7 days from the date of purchase by the customer.
Change product
– Products returned for exchange must meet all regulations on exchange and return products in Article II.
– accepts exchanges in case the product is defective due to the manufacturer and confirmed by the manufacturer.
– For mattresses, the product exchange period is 7 days from the date the customer receives the product.
– For bedding products, the product exchange time is 7 days from the date the customer receives the product.
Products cannot be exchanged or returned
– Exchanged or returned products do not meet one of the regulations on exchanged and returned products specified in Article II.
– The product is an ordered product, the product has been processed and sized according to the customer’s request.
Liquidation products, products sold during Golden Days, Happy Hours… and other specified programs cannot be returned. In case of exchange to a different product or size, the discount will apply at the time of purchase. The exchange product must be of equal or greater value than the previously purchased product.
II.Regulations on product exchange and return
Products that want to be exchanged or returned must meet all of the following regulations:
– The product still has the original label, manufacturer’s warranty card, and all accompanying accessories.
– The product is not scratched, faded, deformed, or dirty.
– For spring mattresses, there must be a protective layer of glossy paper on the mattress surface.
– Products with promotional gifts must have all promotional products included when exchanging or returning.
– All exchanged and returned products must be accompanied by a purchase invoice.
III. Shipping costs, costs incurred when exchanging and returning
– The product is defective due to the manufacturer. is responsible for free shipping for customers.
– Customers change to another product
Customers must pay all shipping costs when exchanging goods.
– Products returned due to customer canceling the order after receiving the goods.
Customers must bear 2-way shipping costs (Pick up and return).
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